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Chios Rocket War


The Rocket War is an old custom of Vrontados which comes to life every Easter Saturday night. It is a spectacular event that illuminates the night thanks to thousands of rockets which rip the sky.


This is a "war" between the two parishes of St. Erythiani and St. Mark dating back to the Ottoman period. The aim of the opponnent parishioners is St. Mark's bell tower and Panagia Erythianis's dome. The pitching points are defined to allow the safe conduct of the custom and the participants must meet certain requirements.


Groups of passionate people are engaged in the manufacture of rockets months before the evening of the Resurrection. The rockets are estimated to be around 60,000 and many visit the island in order to experience and enjoy this wonderful event.

The municipality section of Homeropolis is taking all the necessary precautions in order for the event to be held smoothly, without any hazards. The visitor can enjoy a magnificent visual experience by watching the event from the area of Aipos mountain. Access to the mountain's snake road, which grants admittedly the best view of the event, can be achieved by car or on foot.


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