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Chios Taxi Fare Calculator & Booking System


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Chios Taxi Fare Calculator & Booking System

We guarantee our prices are the most competitive on the market, especially compared to the quality of the service. The prices are fixed and all taxes are included.

You can book spontaneous hailing rides and long term pre-bookings through this Chios Taxi Portal.

Pick-ups at Chios airport, Cruise port, large events or pre-bookings are offered as "Premium class" and "Business Class" service at guaranteed fixed prices.

For Island trips in Chios the regular taxi booking has fastest availability.

Our drivers will monitor your flight for delays. If your flight is delayed your reservation will be automatically updated and the driver will arrive at the meeting point at the actual arrival time of your flight.

Chios Taxi Prices are solely determined by the taximeter in the car while our prices are trip related estimates.

Longer rides and rides crossing the tariff borders are not regulated and hence are offered at guaranteed fixed prices.

Chios Taxi in certain circumstances also for Island rides your best choice may be a fixed price offer.

You need to handle the booking and payment for another person.

You are simply unsure about possible extra charges on-top of the regular distance related taxi fare.

You have a special need like a getting the driver to provide a baby seat for infants.

Get Chios Taxi Quick Price Quote our wide service portfolio ensures that you always find a solution for your needs.