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Chios is an island that pleasantly surprises you at every turn. The Chios land, with its fertility and individual character as well as major morphological differences between the central, northern and southern sides of the island has allowed its residents to create different living conditions even from village to village. 

Hence, depending on the morphology of the land, the climate and the distance from the sea, each village has different cultivations, different homes, different architecture, different dialect and even different dances and customs, even the ones that are at a short distance from one another.

When traveling around Chios you will no doubt be seduced by the local charm of its people and the country's abundant precious art and ancient heritage. This is why is not possible to briefly describe the island. One thing is for sure, no matter how many days you spend on the island, there is no way you will get bored.

You can get to know Chios better with any of our specialized day trip excursions. ChiosTaxi OMIROS organizes tours throughout the Island of Chios, all with experienced and knowledgeable English speaking drivers who act as your personal guides. They are capable of transforming any ordinary trip into a breathtaking adventure!

Explore the island with a taxi and visit all the attractions of the Island


  • Day Trips filled with art, food, people, landscape & culture.
  • We offer personalised, flexible sightseeing tours of Chios in the comfort of any of our cars
  • All our day trips may be customized to best suit individual requests and special interests
  • Our prices depends on the distance and the waiting hour of our cars
  • The excursions starts from the point that you specify
We are specialized for pickup from cruise ships and guided tours!
  • If you are looking for a reliable tours cruise service that promises comfort combined with safety and affordability then you have found the right company.
  • By choosing OMIROS taxis for your tours cruise service you can be assured that you will have a hassle free journey.
  • Our tours cruise service is well known for its efficient and professional approach and our reasonable prices and excellent service
  • Services include hire by the hour, transfers from and to various events in and around Chios Island
  • Each tour is a crafted work of professionalism, knowledge and warm communication, personalized for your vacation needs.

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